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If you have a development idea that involves a satellite network then you should be speaking with Inmarsat. We are interested in expanding our partner base by increasing the number and diversity of those with whom we work. Whether you are a hardware, software or application developer we are interested in speaking with you.

Software Integrator

Are you a Partner or Customer looking to integrate your systems with Inmarsat, or build solutions designed to work with Inmarsat systems? The Inmarsat Developer website contains a plethora of resources that in partnership, will allow you to develop on your integration. Connect with us and leverage the development community, through The Inmarsat Developer website. As part of your developer journey you can access technical resources and toolkits relevant to Inmarsat’s satellite technologies. Resources on offer include RESTful APIs, firmware downloads and technical documentation, designed to enable a seamless integration with your applications and services.

Hardware Integrator

Whether you are an established developer of satellite terminals and associated components, a plug-and-play satellite terminal integrator, or simply exploring hardware prototyping for satellite terminals, the Inmarsat Developer Website presents multiple opportunities to partner with Inmarsat and use Inmarsat's enablers to develop hardware, or hardware integration solutions, for satellite terminals.

Airtime Reseller

If you are interested in developing applications or services for terminals or platforms, the Inmarsat Developer Website can provide the resources and toolkits to seamlessly integrate your solutions with our satellite technologies. Please contact us to discuss your ideas.

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Our Satellite Technologies

Inmarsat has a range of satellite technologies that provide access to a portfolio of globally accessible services – from simple messaging services and voice, to 50Mbps broadband IP connectivity.